Virtual Event #3 - March 25 to 29 (Upload by 3/19)

Virtual Event #3 - March 25 to 29 (Upload by 3/19)
March 26, 2021
Virtual / FloMarching

Event begins on 3/25/21 @ 5pm EST and concludes at 3/29/21 @ 10am EST.

Viewing link: Posted Soon

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Spectator Information

What is a virtual event?

In order to watch virtual events on FloMarching this winter, all you need to do is return to this page on the date of the event (Virtual Event #3 - 3/25/21). Starting at 5 PM ET, performances will be made available for viewing ON-DEMAND—simply find the performance you'd like to view and click on it! Use the filters to see specific divisions and performance categories.

Performances will be no longer be available for viewing after 10 AM ET on the following Monday.

How can I view the results?

Results will be posted in an article published on Friday after the event date at 5 PM ET each week.

Director Information

Upload Deadline is March 19th, 2021.

Judge Information

Winds Judges-

Analysis - Randy Greenwall

Overall - Doug Casteen

Percussion Judges-

Music - Omar Carmenates

Visual - Ron Hardin

Guard Judges-

Group Program - Mike Anderson

Group Skill - Becca Anderson

Percussion Scholastic Concert A
Clinton-Massie Winter Percussion
West Clermont HS
Elder High School Indoor Percussion Ensemble
Senior Flag Line
National Trail High School
Junior Color Guard
Lebanon High School Junior Varsity Winterguard
Scholastic Regional AA
Lloyd Memorial Varsity Winterguard
Eaton High School Varsity Winterguard
West Clermont Winter Guard
Indian Lake Winter Guard
Scholastic Regional A
Lakota West Junior Varsity
Clinton-Massie Winter Guard
Oak Hills High School Winter Guard
Xenia Winterguard
Percussion Scholastic A
Milford Indoor Percussion Ensemble
Oak Hills Indoor Percussion Ensemble
Worthington Kilbourne Indoor Drumline
Troy Indoor Percussion
Scholastic AA
Milton-Union Varsity Winter Guard
Percussion Scholastic Open
Sycamore High School Winter Drumline
Scholastic A
Lakota West Winter Guard
Lebanon High School Winterguard
Percussion Scholastic World
Lebanon High School Drumline
Commentary Test - Perc
Commentary Test Group
Commentary Test - Guard
Commentary Test Group
Winds Scholastic A
Worthington Kilbourne Winds
80.500 (1)
Hamilton High School Winter Winds
70.500 (3)
Carlisle Winds
76.750 (2)
Commentary Test - Winds
Commentary Test Group