The Mid East Performance Association (MEPA) is Ohio’s premier winter performance venue for winter guard, wind and indoor percussion ensembles throughout Ohio and surrounding areas. With more than 100 member and guest units competing each weekend between the months of January and March, MEPA will have an impact on more than 2,000 performers and 8,000 spectators.

Rules and Policies

MEPA follows all WGI rules and policies.

In addition to the WGI rules and policies, MEPA has it's own, circuit-specific Rules and Policies document. No policy or rule changes were made between the 2020 and 2021 season, so the 2019-2020 Rules and Policies will apply in 2021.

MEPA Rules and Policies 20219-20


For its WGI classes, MEPA uses WGI scoring and judging. Junior Percussion and Junior Color Guard follow their division's Regional A WGI sheets. Elementary Color Guard sand Line Units have MEPA-specific score sheets.