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The Mid East Performance Association is a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational organization and is committed to a diverse workforce.

Available Positions: Updated Monday, May 17, 2022

Judge Administrator (Percussion Division)

The Mid East Performance Association is seeking qualified, enthusiastic, and team-oriented candidates for a full-time position beginning in June 2022 and will be remotely based at the candidate's home location. This position reports to the Circuit President, and Vice President of Percussion. Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Assign judges for each show
--Source and contract judges in their respective areas to fill out the adjudication panels for the upcoming contest season.
--Confirm that contracted judges have received annual training through MEPA, WGI, or another indoor circuit.
--Communicate and cooperate with other circuits in sourcing and contracting judges for MEPA, or creating judge sharing opportunities between the circuits.
--Prior to contracting judges, ensure they meet acceptable standards of professional performance, and to the best of their knowledge, ensure that judges’ past performance meets professional standards of conduct as defined in WGI conduct policies. Ask about affiliations.
--Communicate with MEPA Director of Operations to provide judges’ contact information and any travel needs that are nonstandard or exceptional.

Classification Evaluation
--Gather feedback from the panel which placed a group above the classification threshold based on the MEPA Review Numbers chart.
--Assist the respective MEPA Vice President with evaluating proper classification when groups are required to be reviewed.

Educational Development
--Source and develop local talent prospects for new circuit judges.
--Provide annual training for judges as needed.
--Follow up and report on training issues resulting from a complaint concerning a judge’s performance at the direction of the MEPA Executive Board.

Compensation:$1500 per season, paid in two parts. Mileage to Meetings and Contests when not adjudicating. Judge Pay and Mileage when adjudicating.

Application Process: Applications accepted until June 1st, or until filled. Less than one minute to complete initial application. Interviews conducted in early June.